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40 YEARS - ORGANO DEL SOL MAYOR  /  1971 - 2011
Photograph of the signature of the construction contract on December 29, 1971.

José Manuel Azkue plays works by Johann Sebastian Bach

Marbella, year 1976 - José Manuel Azcue plays works by Johann Sebastian Bach.

          The initiative of Michael Reckling to build a Great Organ  in the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation of Marbella was warmly recieved by  Monsignor Rodrigo Bocanegra in 1970.   The  magnificent  project  would soon become a reality, as the first large tracker organ and one of the most important instruments built in Spain in the 20th Century: the  ORGANO DEL SOL MAYOR. The fine construction was carried out between 1971 and 1975 by the master organ builders Gabriel Blancafort and Joan Capella from Collbató, at their workshop near Barcelona.

            The  ORGANO DEL SOL MAYOR  is composed of almost 5,000 pipes,  made of pewter, copper and wood, 4 manual keyboards with 56 notes in each, a complete pedal of 32 notes and a 16 feet principal at the facade.  The largest pipe of the organ measures six meters tall and weighs almost 100 kilos.

            Don Francisco Echamendi Aristu is since 1975 the Priest at Marbella's main Church Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.   Thanks to his colaboration in promoting organmusic for locals and tourists from Marbella there have been organizaed a very great number of recitals with the Organo del Sol Mayor.


                Since its inauguration in 1975, national and international artists alike have participated in the more than 100 concerts given on the ORGANO DEL SOL MAYOR. Since 1972, Michael Reckling has been the titular organist and the curator of the instrument as well as the organizer and sponsor of nearly all the concerts. Since 2004 Michael Reckling is living in Castilla y León (Northern Spain) where he is promoting with much success "Música en la Catedral", organ concerts at the Cathedral of Valladolid.

        Javier Villero came together with Pilar Cabrera to Marbella in 1982 to visit the organ. The same year during an other visit of the very fine organist, Javier Villero from Ronda, Michael Reckling and the impact of the Marbella Organ had convinced Javier Villero to change his residence to Marbella in order to take care as organist of the Organo del Sol Mayor. Since 1990 and until today he also is organist of the Marbella Organa nd takes care at the same time of the conservation of this magnificent instrument.

  Pilar Cabrera has colaborated since 1986 as organist of the Organo del Sol Mayor
  and at the same time as the artistic director of all concerts. Since 2004 Pilar Cabrera
  is living in Castilla y León (Northern Spain) where she is organist of the new Cathedral
  Organ in Valladolid and the organist of the new concert organ at Cubillas de St. Marta.
  P. Cabrera is performing at a permanent basis organ concerts at Valladolid's Cathedral.

    PILAR CABRERA, leading concert organist of Spain's younger generation, plays works from J.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart, F.Liszt, J.Jiménez, J.Stanley and Jean Langlais. Excellent  CD  and  unique  recording  of  this  fascinating  instrument, produced by Michael Reckling Studios  in  colaboration with  the german  firm Motette-Ursina.

The very first CD of this unique edition has been dedicated and presented to
* Their Majesties The King and Queen of Spain *
by Michael Reckling in the year of the World Exhibition 1992.

CD worldwide distributed by Motette, Düsseldorf / Germany, CD 11471,
and highly recommended at the review Classic CD, England.

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The history of the grand Marbella Organ

All photos by Michael Reckling - Valladolid    ©

Wooden sculpture created by spanish artist Ricardo D'Avila (1,50m x1,50m)
which crowns at a height of 12 metres the facade of the Organo del Sol Mayor.

Michael Reckling is the promotor of the new Valladolid Cathedral Organ
and the organizer of the well known concert serie
Música en la Catedral

PILAR CABRERA performing at Valladolid Cathedral
Pilar Cabrera has inaugurated the new 4-manual Allen Organ at Valladolid Cathedral
Listen to passages of this concert live recorded.

Movements 1+4 of Mendelssohn's Sonata Nr.1 for Organ
        PILAR CABRERA at the grand Marbella Organ.

Listen to the magnificent sound of the grand Blancafort Organ of Marbella:
PILAR CABRERA plays movements 1+4 of Mendelssohn's Sonata Nr.1 for Organ.

              PILAR CABRERA
        18 años organista titular 

PILAR CABRERA, 18 years organist of the grand Blancafort Organ in Marbella, Spain.

     PILAR CABRERA interpreta tres piezas 
de N.Grigny en el gran Órgano del Sol Mayor.
  PILAR CABRERA plays works by N.Grigny 
            at the grand Marbella Organ.

Listen to the wonderful French organ sound of the grand Blancafort Organ:
PILAR CABRERA plays 3 pieces, written by the French baroque composer Nicolas de Grigny.